Our company was established by Managing Director Hans-Lüder Lohmann in 2005. Decades of experience in the planning, installation and care of sports surfaces of all kinds enabled this step.
The highly qualified members of our staff guarantee proper and professional installation and care of the surfaces.
They not only work in Germany but also internationally. Their assignments are not restricted to the manual skills required. In some cases our employees work as supervisors and trainers, thereby gaining new experience from which our customers profit.
For us personal contact to the customer is very important since optimum, low-cost maintenance of sports facilities is only possible through long-term cooperation based on trust.

Test our performance. Give us the opportunity to inspect your sports grounds and we will then draw up a work and cost schedule for you.
We would also be glad to train your employees who are responsible for care of the sports facilities at an inexpensive rate. This additionally enhances the sustainability of the grounds.

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