Minor care and cleaning work are necessary to enable unrestricted play on a visually attractive field. Regular care of the grounds is limited to removal of dirt and foreign matter, brushing the surface (not in the case of unfilled surfaces) and regular checking of the surface for damage and dirt.
Filled artificial grass surfaces should be brushed with a mat or brush at least once a week or better yet after every use. Frequent brushing of the playing surface guarantees even distribution of the infill and thus good playing surface characteristics as well as low fiber wear. Such a maintenance operation is recommended at least every 50 hours.
Particularly the areas most subject to wear, such as playing field corners, the goal areas, the center and penalty spots, require regular checks because the infill material is carried away to a greater degree there and inadequate infill leads to premature fiber wear. Return or top up lacking infill material immediately. Material needs of approx. 1 kg per square meter per year can be expected.
Furthermore, the paramount rule here is removal of all dirt and foreign matter, especially loose organic material, as quickly as possible.

The only way to remove adhering organic material and fine dirt, such as dust, deposited particles and material rubbed off from sports shoes and balls, is by means of intensive cleaning. It is advisable to perform this intensive cleaning at least once a year (during the season).
Our company offers you a professional care, cleaning and reconditioning service for all artificial grass surfaces at both indoor and outdoor facilities.
We carry out this in-depth cleaning using a brushing and suction extraction process. A special machine picks up the infill material, separates it from dirt like fiber rubbings and returns the cleaned material to the artificial grass.
At the same time we check the artificial grass and seams for any damage and make any necessary repairs immediately.


Applications for artificial surfaces include track and field and multipurpose sports facilities as well as safety surfaces in play areas. They predominantly consist of different fill materials, such as SBR rubber or EPDM granulate, in various grain sizes.
These materials are bonded with polyurethane, thus forming the respective sports surface.
Whether used indoors or outdoors, the surfaces are subject to wear and diverse environmental influences.
For this reason they should be cleaned and checked for wear and damage regularly.
Thanks to our many years of experience in this field, our company is able to provide you with a detailed report on the condition of your surfaces and, if necessary, submit an offer for the work necessary to make the facility safer and more long-lasting.
A regular check and the elimination of minor damage significantly increases the useful life of a sports facility and thus reduces your budget burden.